New Eaton switchgear enhances efficiency for industrial, data-center customers


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Eaton is expanding its line of Magnum DS switchgear engineered to protect, control, and monitor low-voltage distribution systems. The Magnum DS switchgear now incorporates the Magnum Narrow 4000 A circuit breaker and is for customers who require high power density in a limited space. Reducing equipment footprint enables commercial, industrial, institutions, and government facilities to condense electrical closet size and reduce total cost of ownership. Eaton condensed the Magnum narrow frame power and air circuit breaker into a 30-inch wide switchgear structure to minimize overall space requirements and deliver high-level performance. The reduced size and weight of the compact breaker also make it more manageable for the operator to handle. The Magnum DS switchgear meets UL 1558 and 891 standards for AC systems up to 600 volts. Eaton also tests Magnum DS switchgear to ANSI C37.20.7.1 and IEC 60947-2 standards. Eaton