New Eltek Valere Smartpack2 Sets Standard for Power System Monitoring and Control in Wireless and Wireline Telecom Networks



Eltek Valere today announced the release of the new Smartpack2 distributed controller for telecommunications DC power systems with advanced features and improved interface to better control the power systems for next-generation wireless and wireline telecommunications networks. The Smartpack2 controller offers system configuration, alarms and setup, rectifier/charge control, testing and logging for the company's industry leading Flatpack 2 High Efficiency (HE) rectifier product family. It uses the proven software platform of the original Smartpack controller, retaining its industry-recognized reliability. The Smartpack2 also has new features that complement the company's Flatpack2 HE Solar charger in solar and hybrid (solar and grid/generator) power applications. Smartpack2 has a fully distributed architecture with three separate components; the master controller, the system controller and the I/O monitor. The master controller is the main point of control for onsite technicians and features a huge new 3.2" touchscreen display for complete onsite system review and control without the need for a laptop computer. With the distributed architecture, the master controller can monitor and control multiple system controllers and I/O monitors via a powered CAN bus interface to support wide expansion of the underlying DC power system and system monitoring. "The Smartpack2 is a real asset to carriers because it is the brains behind hybrid power source implementations and extends the power-saving features of the Flatpack2 product family," said Morten Schoyen, Eltek Valere chief marketing officer. "This sets a new standard in the industry for controller usability, features and capability." Simplified operations in large multi-site systems Smartpack2 enables users to view system status, change parameters and receive alarms from multiple sites at a central management center via the Internet. Features such as battery lifetime estimations, fuel consumption through tank level measurement and generator runtime help users to plan for site service. Smartpack2's energy logs can be used to document the amount of renewable energy used, and to plan for site upgrades. For remote cell sites or broadband cabinets that run only on power from a generator with low efficiency, the Smartpack2 will run the generator in cyclic operation at its maximum efficiency. This will typically provide a 55 percent reduction in fuel consumption. In addition, the operating expenses will be further reduced with less frequent generator service because it is not running 24 hours a day. Availability The Smartpack2 controller is now generally available from Eltek Valere's worldwide sales force.