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New LCHP Line Scan Light - A Low-Cost Alternative to Its Award-Winning Sister Product


New LCHP Line Scan Light - A Low-Cost Alternative

Smart Vision Lights, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, has introduced the LCHP line scan light. A lower-cost alternative to Smart Vision Lights’ LHP high-power line scan light, the LCHP works in lower-power applications at a much lower cost than that of comparable lights.  

Unveiled at VISION 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany, in November, LCHP received a lot of attention from convention-goers, many of whom were familiar with the LHP, which won a 2016 Platinum Level Innovators Award from Vision Systems Design magazine.

The LCHP line scan light uses some of the same technology as its award-winning sister product but puts out 250,000 lux, compared to 5 million lux for the LHP in water-cooled high-power mode and 400,000 lux for the LHP in uncooled, low-power mode. With 72 (versus 192) high-power LED lights for every 300 mm in length, the LCHP remains thermally stable thanks to the heat-dissipating qualities of the aluminum housing. The innovative design allows it to project a fixed focus line with clearly defined edges.

User-friendly 5-pin M12 plug convenience and familiarity make this product a great line scan light solution.


Available in three wavelengths, the LCHP offers optional accessories, including a linear polarizer and backlight lensing. The line scan light does not require use of an external chilling system. Mounting hardware is included, and a T-slot mounting channel is positioned on either side. Also comes with a 24V DC power supply.

Smart Vision Lights  

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