New Mini Zenigata LED arrays with 1150 - 1550 Lumen


Sharp's new LED modules from the new Mini Zenigata series radiate with an efficiency of up to 99 lm/W, a luminous flux of up to 1550 lm (typical) and are available with a CRI value of up to 82 (typical).

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The new Mini Zenigata arrays of type GW5BxxxK05 provide a luminous flux between 1150 and 1550 lm (typical) with a light output of up to 99 lm/W in standard operation. The new generation of the 15 W modules is specified for a forward voltage of 39 V with a constant current of 400 mA. However, you can also operate the 15 W arrays with increased constant current of up to 440 mA to achieve a luminous flux of up to 1,650 lm. The 48 dies of the Mini Zeni of type GW5BxRxxK05 are divided electronically into a matrix of four parallel-switched series of twelve, which ensures fail-proof operation. The round shape of the surface emitting light (LES) is also new in the 15 W Mini Zeni arrays. The circular LES has a diameter of 8 mm and is filled up to the edge of 48 LED dies. As a result, the new 15W Mini Zeni modules have properties like a high-performance, point light source, which only requires simple optics (lens and reflector) contrary to multipoint light sources. Nothing has changed in the dimensions of the carrier made of technical ceramics (aluminium oxide AL2O3) of 15 mm x 12 mm x 1.6 mm, so that the new Mini Zeni arrays are completely compatible mechanically with the previous models. The lean dimensions in combination with the small, round LES also provide high design flexibility for the extremely restricted radiation angle of compact lights. The colour temperatures of the new white light LED arrays are in the range from 2,700 to 5,000 Kelvin with the shades "Natural White", "Warm White" and "Pure White". They are available in two models with CRI values of more than 80 and more than 90. The new Mini Zeni arrays also have high-quality R9 values, two binnings within MacAdam5 as well as good colour consistency and stability values over time under realistic conditions (hot lumen). Thanks to the very smooth bottom side of the ceramic carrier and the already existing soldering points, the modules can be attached to an appropriate heat sink without a lot of work, thus ensuring excellent heat dissipation. The modules have a lifetime of 40,000 hours at an operating temperature of maximum 90° C. Compared to conventional halogen lamps, the LED arrays from Sharp thus have longer lives The light loss is also considerably less and is only 70% after 40,000 operating hours. Overall, high light quality and high output with a compact shape factor are characteristic for the new 15 W Mini Zenigata LED arrays. Consequently, they are suitable for numerous applications (e.g., spot lighting) as well as for LED retrofit lamps, etc. Availability Samples are initially available in the colour temperatures 3000 K and 4000 K. These can be obtained from Sharp sales offices and distribution partners across Europe.