New No-Clean Flux for Reflow, Hand Soldering



Indium Corporation has released a new halogen-free, no-clean ROL0 flux specifically developed for PCB assembly hand soldering and rework applications.

TACFlux 020B-RC passes SIR testing in the unreflowed state. Oftentimes during hand soldering and rework, the flux may not be heated properly due to spot heating methods, thus the flux is not adequately activated. TACFlux 020B-RC is designed to solve this problem and avoid reliability concerns such as dendritic growth over time.

TACFlux 020B-RC joins Indium Corporation’s versatile offering of specialty fluxes designed to provide solutions for current and evolving industry challenges. Benefits of TACFlux 020B-RC include:

  • Passes J-STD-004B SIR testing in the unreflowed state
  • Halogen-free per IEC 61249-2-21 test method EN14582
  • Outstanding wetting performance on difficult to solder metallizations
  • Designed for no-clean applications, but flux can be removed using a commercially-available flux-cleaner

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