New power electronics knowledge platform goes online



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SEMIKRON, global leader in power electronic systems, goes live with its new power electronics knowledge platform. The knowledge platform excerpts, in both German and English, from the Power Electronics Application Manual, a valuable power electronics reference for amateurs and professionals alike. The new knowledge platform provides basic information on semiconductor physics and power electronics, as well as detailed information on IGBT, MOSFET, diode and thyristor component selection and applications. The knowledge platform is to facilitate and make more efficient the work of development engineers. The printed version of our application manual opens up the doors to a vast knowledge base that draws upon a wealth of expertise and years of field experience. Now, this vast knowledge base is being opened up to interested parties online, explains Gerlinde Stark, Head of International Communication at SEMIKRON. The power electronics knowledge platform aims at both professional development engineers and professors and students of relevant subject areas. Besides containing examples of field applications and first-rate papers on technologies and innovations, this platform represents an endless knowledge base that draws upon many years of engineering experience and development expertise. Users can also post comments on a variety of subject areas, participate in online discussions, and subscribe to the latest chapters, e.g. by RSS feed. Five publications dealing with power electronic basics will initially go online when the power electronics knowledge platform goes live, with more articles being published at regular intervals. In addition, the knowledge platform will be continually improved on with additional new features and functions. SEMIKRON, leading innovator in semiconductor technology, already enjoys a strong position in the power electronics sector. The introduction of the knowledge platform is the company's example of service in the digital age. For those who would rather have the print version of the Application Manual, this is available for purchase from bookstores (ISBN No. 978-3-938843-56-7) or the Sindopower power electronics eCommerce portal at for a price of €9.90.