New Rugged Connector from Amphenol Features High Amperage; Low Mating Force



Amphenol Industrial, a global leader in interconnect systems, has introduced a new high amperage, single pole, plastic circular power connector for benign environment power applications. The Amphe-PPC is ideal for outdoor power supply, control systems and communications environments in various industrial markets including hybrid and electric vehicle, heavy equipment, outer door LED and factory automation. The compact, lightweight and cost-effective Amphe-PPC uses silver-plated 5.7 mm RADSOK crimp-termination contacts, with gold-plated available, and can carry a current up to 120A. It features a lower insertion force and temperature rise than traditional contacts, providing longer life and the ability to be used in higher current applications at a given temperature. The Amphe-PPC comes with integrated, waterproof cable glands, so additional adaptors are not required, allowing it to fit into smaller spaces. This IP67-rated connector also features rubber seals as well as a molded thermoplastic housing and insert. Each connector is designed with 90- and 120-color and keyway positions of different polarity to prevent mating mistakes and to ensure safety during operation. The connector is finger-proof in unmated applications to minimize contact with live contacts and prevent risk of shock. The rugged connector can withstand up to 500 mating cycles at extended temperatures from -40°C to +125°C, salt fog spray to NACI 5% for 1,000 hours as well as shock and vibration of 980 m/s. Maximum operating voltage is 600V AC and contact resistance is 5 million-ohms. Minimum insulation resistance is 5,000 mega-ohms at 25°C. Amphenol's patented RADSOK technology used in the new Amphe-PPC utilizes the tensile strength properties of flat, high conductivity alloy grid for the high normal forces required for conductivity, while providing a large conductive surface area. This results in a correspondingly low voltage drop and low temperature rise while maintaining low insertion forces. With millions of parts in the field, the RADSOK electrical connection has proven to be extremely reliable, with almost no reported connection failures in Amphenol RADSOK-designed applications. Pricing for the Amphe-PPC starts at $11.19 a mated pair. Delivery is five to six weeks ARO. For more information, please visit