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New Traco Power - DC/DC Converter Series


TDN Series: 1-5 Watt DC/DC converters in most compact cubical package

TDN Series: 1-5 Watt DC/DC converters in most compact cubical package

These fully regulated and 1600 VDC I/O- isolated DC/DC converters come in a cubical package that occupies only 1.2 cm2 on the PCB. The models are available in SMD version or with pins for trough hole mounting. The ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage ranges cover 4.5-18, 9-36 and 18-75 VDC.  With a high efficiency and a sophisticated thermal conduction these converters reliably operate in an environment temperature of up to 90°C with 1 Watt or up to 50°C with 5 Watt output power. 

All models include remote On/Off and short circuit protection and they do not require a minimum load.

Single and dual models are available out of these six series:

TDN 1WI: 1 Watt, trough hole:  www.tracopower.com/overview/tdn1wi
TDN 1WISM: 1 Watt, SMD:       www.tracopower.com/overview/tdn1wism

TDN 3WI: 3 Watt, trough hole:  www.tracopower.com/overview/tdn3wi
TDN 3WISM: 3 Watt, SMD:       www.tracopower.com/overview/tdn3wism

TDN 5WI: 5 Watt, trough hole:  www.tracopower.com/overview/tdn5wi
TDN 5WISM: 5 Watt, SMD:       www.tracopower.com/overview/tdn5wism

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