New Video Shows How a Zero Flux Current Transducer Works


Danisense has made a tutorial video that discusses how, using the zero flux principle, current transducers can be produced with a measurement accuracy of 1ppm.

The transducers can be used for applications such as power analysers in EV production, medical equipment such as MRI scanners and power supplies for particle accelerators.

The video explains zero flux technology, also called ‘fluxgate’ and how it works, including the use of a closed loop which balances opposing magnetic fields, so eliminating offset and linearity issues. Using this combination of techniques, it is possible to achieve extremely accurate results even in a harsh environment.

Comments Loic Moreau, Sales & Marketing Director, Danisense A/S: “The test and measurement industry has had to be extremely creative to cope with the increasing challenges set by customers who require greater accuracy in tough conditions. Current sense transducers from Danisense are acknowledged to be amongst the most reliable and high performance in the industry. We hope this video will help customers understand the technologies we use so that they can benefit from the results.”