Newark element14 adds NECTOR M power connectors to portfolio



Electronics distributor Newark element14 has added the NECTOR M power connectors from TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in connectivity and sensors, to its product portfolio. The NECTOR M power system’s “plug and play” design provides the construction industry with a flexible and efficient alternative to hard-wired electrical connections for commercial, industrial and architectural lighting installations, power distributions and more.

The NECTOR M power connector portfolio consists of a full range of 3-, 5-, 6- and 7-pole pluggable electrical installation components. The 3-pole system is ideal for residential and commercial spaces, while the multi-phase 5-pole system delivers power and signal connections for lighting control applications and the multi-phase 7-pole system can be applied to emergency lighting systems.

The modular design of the system’s pin and socket connectors provide customers with flexibility when designing permanent electrical installations. Its multiple branch circuit capability makes cabling easier, and the round design requires less space, simplifies routing during field installation, and reduces installation time.

In addition, TE has introduced the IP67 rated NECTOR M sealed power system, ideal for outdoor and high humidity applications, such as greenhouses or parking garages.

TE’s NECTOR M power system is available from Newark element14 in North America, Farnell element 14 in Europe and element14 in Asia.

TE Connectivity at Newark element14