Newark element14 debuts Texas Instruments' Fuel Tank BoosterPack



Newark element14, a high-service distributor of technology products and engineering solutions, now has the Texas Instruments (TI) Fuel Tank BoosterPack. Available exclusively at Newark element14, the product allows users of existing TI microcontroller (MCU) LaunchPads to run their device from a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery pack.

Compatible with TI LaunchPads, the Fuel Tank BoosterPack includes an onboard Lithium Polymer battery charger, as well as a gas gauge that can output the critical parameters of the battery including temperature, charging state, capacity and more.

“The TI Fuel Tank BoosterPack is another example of our continued commitment to the LaunchPad and BoosterPack space,” said David Adams, Senior Director of Technology Development at Newark element14. “We are delighted to partner with TI through the development of this product, and we look forward to working with our mutual customers as they continue to innovate in this space.”

Key features include:
·         3.7V 12mAH LiPo battery
·         Onboard BQ24210 LiPo charger
·         Onboard Bq27510-G2 Gas Gauge
·         Low battery indicator
·         USB charging
·         Battery state outputs including temperature, voltage, average current, change state, design and remaining capacity

“TI is always seeking to add more functionality and BoosterPack options to our ever-growing TI MCU LaunchPad ecosystem, and we were thrilled to partner with Newark element14 on the ‘Fuel Tank’ Battery BoosterPack,” said Joe Folkens, Tiva C Series product manager at TI. “Their distribution network, customer service and breadth of other TI product offerings make them a great resource for developers looking to create.”

The Pack, priced at $26.99, comes with a Lithium Polymer battery pack charged via an onboard USB connector.

Newark element14