Newark element14 now carries Crouzet Automation em4 remote PLC



Crouzet Automation em4 remote PLC

Newark element14, a high-service distributor of technology products and engineering solutions, will now carry the em4, Crouzet Automation’s flagship remote PLC product series. The em4 remote PLC is designed with small machine-to-machine technology in mind, rather than an embedded web server, and can remotely control a single machine or a fleet of machines. It provides an integrated solution to OEMs and allows devices to establish Internet connectivity on demand without any additional modules. The device also allows for easy expansion via tools such as the em4 soft, which programs communication directly in a unique software solution, and the em4 web, which manages users, devices, data and applications remotely.

The em4 series consists of the following:
em4 remote – A device connected to the Internet through a secure infrastructure that allows programming, monitoring, control and data logging functionality
em4 alert – A module capable of sending SMS or email alerts
em4 local – A local area network program designed for applications that do not require remote communication

“The em4 is an exciting product that Newark element14 is proud to offer - especially for those customers without automation systems management or network infrastructure management experience,” said Wilson Lee, Newark element14. “Engineers can easily connect their devices’ applications to the Internet, allowing any machine or equipment to be monitored and controlled anywhere, anytime. “

In addition, users will find the em4 lab, an environment that includes all tools, services and partners needed to reinvent applications. Newark element14 offers engineers its award-winning, 285,000-member element14 Community – a space to find and share resources, concepts and the latest technologies – including the em4.

Products in the em4 series start at $495.

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