Newark element14 now offers ROHM 3-Pphase brushless fan motor controllers



Newark element14 is now offering a series of ROHM three-phase brushless fan motor controllers. The controllers – part of the BD6201x and BM620x families of products – synthesize the optimal driving signal from hall sensor signals and output the synthesized signal to control the external level shifter and power transistor.

The controllers provide optimum motor drive for a variety of applications including air conditioners, air cleaners, water pumps, dishwashers, washing machines and general office automation equipment.

Features of the three-phase brushless fan motor controllers include:

180° sinusoidal commutation logic
PWM control (Upper and lower arm switching)
Phase control supported from 0° to +40° at 1° intervals
Rotational direction switch
FG signal output with pulse number switch (4 or 12)

The controllers can be purchased starting at $2.17 from Newark element14 in North America, Farnell element14 in Europe and element14 in Asia Pacific.

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