Nexperia Supports Engineers of the Future With Sponsorship of University Robotics & AI Team


University of Twente’s RoboTeam to compete in RoboCup 2017 world championship of robot soccer

Nijmegen: Nexperia, the former Standard Products division of NXP, announced that it is proud to be the main industry sponsor for the University of Twente’s RoboTeam, a multidisciplinary student group that aspires to innovate in both robotics and artificial intelligence. One channel that the team is using to achieve this ambition is by competing in RoboCup 2017, the world championship of robot soccer in Japan (July 25-31). RoboTeam Twente will participate in the Small Size League, which focuses mainly on artificial intelligence.

Nexperia supports the team both financially and with products and technical support. “It is important for Nexperia to sponsor RoboTeam Twente as we believe we must facilitate the engineers of the future and at the same time be inspired and triggered by their innovations and ideas”, said Gerton Jansen, SVP Marketing and Sales Nexperia.  “It is a win-win situation: RoboTeam Twente will take part in the Small Size League - you could say we fulfill a similar role as the industry leader miniature packaging.”

Added Jim Hoekstra, Software & External Relations: “We are very grateful to be sponsored by Nexperia, especially since we share common philosophies concerning efficiency, miniaturization, quality and innovation. We are looking forward to a highly-fruitful cooperation with Nexperia, which has begun very well with the immediate delivery of products straight after our agreement was signed.”

RoboTeam Twente’s website, ‘powered by Nexperia’, can be found at