Nitronex GaN-on-Silicon discrete HEMT devices handle up to 100 Watts



Nitronex, a leader in the design and manufacture of gallium nitride (GaN) based RF solutions for high performance applications in the defense, communications, broadband, and industrial & scientific markets, has developed a family of products based on a new 48 Volt GaN-on-Silicon process technology. The NPT2000 Series discrete HEMT devices support power levels of 12, 25, 50 and 100 Watts, and are available in both plastic and ceramic packages. Targeting defense and high volume commercial markets, the NPT2000 Series discrete HEMT devices address the competing requirements of lower cost and higher performance. "Nitronex is pleased to announce our new 48 Volt product line. These products provide higher gain, higher efficiency, and wider bandwidths for defense and commercial applications," said Greg Baker, president and CEO at Nitronex. "We see many interesting opportunities with our core customer and market base with the 48V ceramic package offering, and even more opportunities with the lower-cost plastic package line. Our thermally-enhanced plastic package offering will allow us to be very price competitive in new commercial markets for GaN such as land mobile radio and small-cell base stations." The development of the NPT2000 Series 48V discrete HEMT product family is the culmination of three significant efforts: Iterative design improvements based on our 28V product line enhancing ruggedness, thermal performance b and breakdown voltage Expanded product offering by including low cost, easy to use plastic packages for all devices, from the lowest to highest power Extensive reliability testing qualifying the new 48V operating voltage The family of products includes the NPT2010 and NPT2020 with 100W and 50W of output power respectively, in an AC360 ceramic package, the NPT2018 and NPT2019 housed in a 3x6 DFN plastic package with output powers of 12W and 25W, and the NPT2021 (50W) and NPT2022 (100W) in the industry-standard TO272 plastic package. Samples are available now with full production scheduled for Q3 of 2013. Nitronex