Non-Isolated Regulators Meet the Reflow Soldering Production Requirements


Voltage Regulator

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MORNSUN's K78 series are non-isolated regulators known for compact size, high efficiency and compatible with traditional LM78xx linear regulators. New SMD packaged K78T-500R3/K78T-1000R3 series are introduced to meet the reflow soldering production requirements.

The peak temperature of reflow soldering is Tc≤245 ℃ and keeps 60s (Max.) above 217 ℃, which meets the IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D.1 standard. Dimension is 15.24*11.40*8.25mm (about 0.6*0.45*0.32 inch). Efficiency is up to 95% and operating temperature ranges from -40 to +85°C, without additional heat sink.

Besides, these K78T-R3 series also provide a wide input voltage range (4.75-36V), continuous short-circuit protection, adjustable output voltage (±10%) and remote voltage control and so on, which can be widely used in industrial control, grid power, instrumentation, mining and other related industries.

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