Now at Mouser: STMicroelectronics’s STWLC33 Inductive Power Receiver Delivers 15W Qi and AirFuel Wireless Charging



Mouser Electronic is now stocking the STWLC33 inductive wireless power receiver from STMicroelectronics (ST). One of ST’s Wireless Power Transfer solutions, the STWLC33 is an integrated, multi-mode wireless power-receiver solution optimized for portable high-speed chargeable applications up to 15W. The dual-mode receiver operates with both the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) Qi 1.2 and PMA-SR1 AirFuel inductive wireless standard communication protocols, enabling it to quickly start charging mobile devices regardless of protocol.

The ST STWLC33 inductive wireless power receiver, available from Mouser Electronics, greatly simplifies the implementation of dual-function handheld devices and provides an improved user experience, faster wireless charging, and outstanding total system efficiency over other solutions. The STWLC33 is also the only 15W receiver from ST that is capable of acting like a 3W transmitter, using the same coil to provide power to another receiver. Users can charge one device wirelessly while also using that same device to charge another. In addition, the STWLC33 is one of the first wireless receivers on the market capable of providing an output voltage that can charge two-cell lithium-ion batteries.

At the core of the STWLC33 is a 32-bit, 32 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M microcontroller with 32 Kbytes of firmware/ROM memory and 8 Kbytes of RAM. The device delivers a total system efficiency up to 80 percent and low power dissipation through features such as its integrated low impedance synchronous rectifier and low drop-out linear regulator.

The STWLC33 offers patented features that help enhance user experience, including active presence detection to wake the system quickly when a compatible object is presented for charging, and special functionality to enhance the performance of foreign object detection (FOD) to cut power and prevent overheating. Other features include a 32 MHz PWM timer, eight-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC), and configurable general-purpose inputs and outputs (GPIOs).

ST’s STWLC33 inductive wireless power receiver is ideal for very compact wireless applications that include tablets, power banks, phones, medical equipment, and wearable devices. Designers can also combine the STWLC33 receiver with the STWBC-EP wireless charging controller transmitter to complete their high-speed chargeable devices. The STWLC33 is supported by the STEVAL-ISB042V1 evaluation board, which includes STWLC firmware that allows engineers to modify parameters and settings to ensure proper integration of the STWLC33 power receiver into the final application.