Now in stock at TTI, Inc. is Vishay’s new 60V MOSFET elevating DC/DC efficiency across the load



Now available in Europe through TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components, is Vishay’s new best in class 60V MOSFET SiR626DP. The product elevates DC/DC efficiency and performance across the load with minimum circuit rework. Peak efficiency is up to 15% higher than competition. Power loss and power savings are more than 12% higher.

The SiR626DP device reduces I²R conduction loss and features a 40% lower RDS(ON) than the prior generation. This low RDS(ON) is even achieved in an 80% smaller package footprint comparing to the last generation. The component increases both power density and output current per device.

Main target applications for the 60V SiR626DP MOSFET are synchronous rectification, 24V systems, motor drive control, DC/DC topologies, solar micro inverters, as well as power tools and industrial applications.