NTC Thermistor Probe Assembly With Ring Lug Designed for Easy and Secure Li-Ion Battery Terminal Mounting


Device Provides Accurate Temperature Sensing for EV Batteries, Off-Grid Energy Storage, and Alternative Energy Applications

CARSON CITY, Nev. — Ametherm introduced a new NTC thermistor probe assembly for high-accuracy temperature sensing and measurement in Li-ion battery power applications. The device combines a specially designed ring lug for battery mounting with a high dielectric voltage rating of 4000 VAC.

Ametherm's NTC thermistors are manufactured from a specially formulated metal oxide ceramic material that is extremely accurate in sensing temperature. The PANR 103395-342 probe assembly released today utilizes this same material while offering a half-inch stud-insulated ring lug that enables easy and secure mounting to Li-ion battery terminals. The device is ideal for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, off-grid energy storage, and alternative energy applications.

Providing a high-stability replacement for less-accurate thermocouples, the PANR 103395-342 experiences minimal drift from its initial electrical values. The device offers resistance at 25 °C of 10 kΩ, beta of 3950 °K, dissipation constant of 8 mW/°C, thermal time constant of 10.0 s, and an operating temperature range of - 50 °C to + 180 °C. The RoHS-compliant assembly features 18-AWG stranded Teflon-insulated lead wires.

The PANR 103395-342 is available direct or through distributors such as Digi-Key and Mouser. Samples and production quantities are available now, with factory lead times of 12 weeks. Unit pricing for U.S. delivery starts at $4.55.

For more information or to request a sample, visit www.ametherm.com.