Off-the-Shelf and Custom In-Vehicle Smart Multimedia USB Charging Modules Reduce Overall Engineering Costs


Standard USB charger for BC 1.2 profile suits many transportation vehicle applications; custom in-vehicle smart charger provides maximum power

With the rise of in-vehicle infotainment, automotive manufacturers are now designing multiple USB chargers into each model, which has increased costs.  Molex has announced a new off-the-shelf USB charger that suits most transportation applications and also manufactures customized smart multimedia modules (CCP) for USB in-vehicle charging: both are now available in Europe at TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components. The single off-the-shelf active USB module facilitates drop-in design, and eliminates tooling and engineering support, thereby reducing overall costs to the automotive manufacturer.  Smart USB charging modules follow the profile of the device and provide the maximum power allowed by the manufacturer for extremely fast and effective charging. 

The compact, single-charger design of the Molex Multi-Media Module saves costs as it has PCB routing and is designed to fit existing rocker switch panels in commercial vehicles. In addition, the power supply architecture is adaptable to existing application requirements and is compatible with most in-vehicle 12V power distribution architectures. Using a single charger design enables charging port integration throughout the vehicle and as a single offering from a single supplier, reduces overall costs. The Module has been tested for electrical, mechanical, environmental, electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrostatic discharge (ESD) and signal integrity. 

Smart phones and tablets are designed to allow a minimum current when plugged into in-vehicle USB ports that are not smart chargers, which is a feature designed to protect them from improper charging.  If a driver charges it while playing music or using the device for driving directions, the smartphone uses more power than it is receiving.  Other electrical events in vehicles can damage devices that are plugged in to in-vehicle chargers. To overcome these problems, Molex custom In-Vehicle Smart Charging Modules have in-built circuitry that protects connected devices from electrical shorts and overcurrent conditions while providing the maximum power allowed by the attached device’s manufacturer.

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