Offline AC-DC Primary-Side PWM Controllers for Flyback Converters



Offline AC-DC Primary-Side PWM Controllers for Flyback Converters

­Elevation Semiconductor announced the release of its two high-efficiency power ICs with smaller footprints for fast-charging solutions.

The HL9510 and HL9512 are flyback PWM controller ICs that operate in a quasi-resonant (QR) mode to significantly enhance the system efficiency and power density. Both ICs offer constant output voltage regulation through the optocoupler feedback controller or shunt regulator and integrate high-voltage startup.

The HL9510 and HL9512 protection include VDD over-voltage protection (VDD-OVP), Brown-out protection, DMAG over-voltage protection (DMAG-OVP), DMAG under-voltage protection (DMAG-UVP), IC internal over-temperature protection (OTP), and IC external thermal shut-down (SD).

The brown-in voltage is programmed by an external DMAG pin resistorand has a wide VDD operating range to cover variable output mode applications, such as USB-PD/PPS or conventional DP/DN protocol communication. Its protection is also implemented with auto-restart mode. The VDD-OVP, DMAG-OVP, and external SD protection can be configured with auto-restart or latch mode, and the DMAG-UVP can be configured with auto-restart or long auto-restart mode.

The HL9510 is designed to integrate an internal HV startup circuit, whereas the HL9512 can be done by the external MOS combined IC’s AUX and ST pins.

The HL9510 is available in a 10-lead SOIC package ideal for USB PD/QC portable device battery chargers, high-efficiency AC-DC power adapters, and a power supply with fixed or variable output voltage. The HL9512 also comes in the same package and is ideal for smartphones, tablet PC battery chargers, portable device adapters, and flyback power suppliers with low and/or variable output voltage.

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