On-Metal RFID tag Delivers Real-Time Data for Tool Tracking



Murata Electronics announced the LXTBKZMCMG-010, a RFID tag designed to be placed directly on metal, such as surgical tools. The solution can be incorporated into any device’s tool tracking system to quickly determine a specific item’s usage, warranty status, and assign user accountability. These features help improve loss prevention, eliminate time searching for specific tools, and provide data analytics. 

Measuring just 6.0 x 2.0 x 2.3mm, the tag also offers a robust design, has a read range up to 150cm, and covers a UHF frequency band range of 865-928MHz. This allows for multiple items to be read at the same time reducing time and manual procedures. Further, it meets EPC Global Gen 2v2 and 100 percent RoHS compliant. 

“Murata’s ability to continually push the technology envelope and develop advanced products that solve some of the most complex design challenges is evident in this latest solution. Perhaps the most significant benefit that the LXTBKZMCMG-010 delivers is providing critical real-time data analysis to key stakeholders, such as operations, plant managers, or technicians in the field,” stated  Gerry Hubers, Business Development Manager, Murata Electronics N.A. 

For more information, visit Murata’s website at https://wireless.murata.com.