ON Semiconductor and Stegia collaborate to bring ultra small smart motor solutions to market



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ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), a premier supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics and leading Nordic motor supplier Stegia have announced that ON Semiconductor's AMIS-30624 2-phase stepper motor driver, with built-in position controller and I2C serial interfacing, has been incorporated into Stegia's stepper motor product line. This enables the creation of highly compact motor systems with next generation functionality. The AMIS-30624's on-chip position controller is fully configurable, offering a high degree of flexibility. The device is able to accommodate different motor types, positioning ranges, and speed/acceleration parameters. Its sensor-less stall detection feature can be used to identify blocked rotor and end of run conditions, preventing the motor from going into stall. Its tiny dimensions and high power density mean that it can be used with even the smallest models in the Stegia stepper motor portfolio, which go down to diameters of 6 millimetres (mm). Commands for controlling the acceleration, deceleration, position and speed of the motor are carried out through the AMIS-30624's I2C interface in microsteps. This results in silent motor operation, as well as enhancing positioning resolution. A stream of valuable diagnostic data can also be sent back to the motor system's host controller via the I2C interface. Utilisation of an I2C interface limits the amount of cabling to the motor, thereby reducing bill of materials costs and lowering the system's overall electromagnetic radiation level. It is possible to connect up to 32 drivers to one I2C master, so that system complexity can be kept to a minimum. The AMIS-30624 has a peak current of 800 milliamperes (mA) and is fully compatible with automotive voltage requirements, with supply voltages of 8 volts (V) to 29 V being supported. Its operational temperature range of -40 °C to 125 °C allows it to be employed in automotive and industrial environments. This highly integrated device is optimised for use in any electromechanical system that requires precise, high reliability positional control, such as damper control systems for building automation, remote access control for hotel rooms, remote tuning of cellular base stations, vehicle headlamp positioning systems, and surveillance systems (pan-tilt-zoom cameras), as well as automotive, residential, and commercial comfort systems. "The embedded control and diagnostic feedback capabilities of the AMIS-30624, plus the ease with which it can be integrated into small form factor motor systems, such as those from Stegia, means it can help OEMs to realise mechatronic designs which meet the highest performance benchmarks even under space constrained conditions" said Ryan Cameron, ON Semiconductor's vice president for Custom Industrial and Timing Products. "Furthermore, the process technology on which this device is based ensures cost competitiveness is maintained." "We are extremely pleased to be working cooperatively with ON Semiconductor to effectively implement their smart motor technologies - and specifically their integrated stepper motor driver/controller solution - to bring our innovative, highly compact, next generation motor systems to market," said Johan Stjernberg, CEO of Stegia. "The collaborative working strategy between Stegia and ON Semiconductor has been extremely valuable and notably successful." Stegia will be exhibiting its stepper motor solutions, incorporating ON Semiconductor's AMIS-30624, at the Automotive Forum Suppliers' Day, June 28, 2011, Legnica, Poland. To register go to: automotive-forum.eu/eng/wydarzenia1_dzien_dostawcow2011.php. www.onsemi.com www.stegia.se