ON Semiconductor expands high-performance trench field-stop IGBT portfolio for motor control, solar, and UPS


New field-stop trench devices expand current ratings and deliver high-speed switching capabilities for demanding power applications

Click image to enlarge: ON Semiconductor has expanded its NGBTxx family of 1.2 kV trench FS IGBTs with nine new energy-efficient devices.

ON Semiconductor has expanded its NGBTxx family of 1.2 kV trench FS (field-stop) IGBTs (insulated-gate bipolar transistors) with nine new energy-efficient devices. The new IGBTs improve overall system switching efficiency, lower power dissipation, and improve system reliability. Adding to the company's existing family of over thirty IGBTs, the newest devices expand the available product ratings to 40 A. This includes devices specifically targeted at high-performance power conversion in solar power and UPS (uninterruptable power supply) implementations. "Dramatic increases in global energy consumption and projected unfavorable environmental and economic impacts continue to drive demand for higher performance power discrete components," said John Trice, senior director and general manager for ON Semiconductor's Power Discrete products. "This new generation of devices brings cost-effective, industry-leading power efficiency without sacrificing robustness. With ON Semiconductor's proprietary trench field-stop technology, we can now give engineers a greater breadth of options to choose from when implementing their power-system designs." The first group of new IGBTs are the NGTB40N120FLWG, NGTB25N120FLWG, and NGTB15N120FLWG. These products feature a robust and cost-effective trench technology construction, and provide superior performance in high-frequency switching applications. Low switch losses and an ultra-fast recovery diode make them well suited for high-frequency solar, UPS, and inverter welder applications. The devices have IC ratings of 40, 25, and 15 A respectively. All three devices are optimized for switching applications with frequencies from 10 to 40 kHz, delivering low on-state voltage, VCEsat, and low gate charge, Qg, characteristics, as well as exhibiting ultra-fast recovery and minimal switching losses to keep power dissipation low. These new IGBT devices all have an operational junction temperature range of ?55 to +150 °C. The second new group of devices also broaden the portfolio of Trench FS IGBT devices by increasing product ratings up to 40 A. The NGTB30N120LWG and NGTB40N120LWG offer low VCEsat and rugged short-circuit characteristics with fast recovery diodes for low frequency—2 to 20 kHz—hard-switching applications such as motor-control inverter applications. Complementing these devices are the NGTB30N120IHLWG, NGTB40N120IHLWG, NGTB20N120IHSWG, and NGTB30N120IHSWG, which feature balanced switching and conduction losses for induction heating and other soft-switching applications operating at medium frequencies—15 to 30 kHz—including hot pots, rice cookers, and microwave appliances. Packaging and Pricing The NGTB15N120FLWG, NGTB25N120FLWG, NGTB40N120FLWG, NGTB30N120IHLWG, NGTB40N120IHLWG, NGTB30N120LWG, NGTB40N120LWG, NGTB30N120IHSWG, NGTB20N120IHSWG, and are all offered in compact Pb?free TO?247 packages. They are priced at $2.00, $2.50, $4.00, $2.50, $2.75, $3.00, $3.25, $2.25, and $1.60, respectively, per unit in 10,000 unit quantities. ON Semiconductor