On Semiconductor introduces BelaSigna R262 SoC


Drop in SoC improves voice clarity without need for special tuning

Click image to enlarge: On Semiconductor's BelaSigna R262 SoC

ON Semiconductor has introduced the BelaSigna R262, a new SoC that provides wideband single- or dual-microphone noise reduction in a diverse range of voice capture devices such as mobile phones, webcams, tablet computers, and two-way radios. The BelaSigna R262 offers built-in voice-capture and noise-reduction technology that is highly effective in managing stationary and non-stationary background and mechanical noise. This results in improved voice clarity and intelligibility, especially in noisy environments. With 8 kHz bandwidth voice capture for VoIP communication, de-reverberation capability, and 360-degree voice pick-up, BelaSigna R262 is well suited for conference, handset, and arm's length applications. BelaSigna R262 Advantages

  • Easy to integrate: Special tuning, calibration, or external components are not required
  • Versatile voice capture: Consistently captures voice regardless of acoustic environment or the orientation of the handheld device while in use
  • Design flexibility: Industrial design is unconstrained with greater freedom of choice of microphone model and placement
BelaSigna R262 integrates a DSP, voltage regulators, PLL (phase-locked loop), level translator, and memory all within a WLCSP that occupies less than 6 mm2—less board space than significantly larger competing ICs that often require additional external components. This simplifies and accelerates the design process and helps engineers meet challenging design size-reduction objectives. Pricing BelaSigna R262 is offered in Pb-free, RoHS-compliant WLCSP-30 and WLCSP-26 packages and priced at $2.00 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities. On Semiconductor