ON Semiconductor introduces next generation Li-ion battery charger


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Faster charging, improved battery life

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NCP1851 housed in a 25-bump Flip-Chip CSP

ON Semiconductor has introduced a fully programmable Li-ion battery charger, optimised for power efficiency in smart phones, tablets, and other handheld devices. The NCP1851 significantly reduces charge time, increases battery life, and includes advanced startup features. With a 1.6-A charging-current capability, the NCP1851 is sized at 2.2 x 2.55 mm for the latest USB compliant input supplies and large battery capacities. The device can complete a full charge cycle of a 1650 mAh 4.2 V Li-Ion battery in 90 minutes. "Robustness, efficiency, and fast charge time are now pre-requisites for designers of today's high performance, ultra-space constrained applications," said Thibault Kassir, director of ON Semiconductor's Interface & Power ICs Division. "The NCP1851 single chip device allows simple integration into the latest USB charging designs. We are already receiving wins from our major customers for the device due to its charge time performance and advanced feature set." The NCP1851 integrates dynamic power-path management which enables instant system turn-on in case of a weak battery and helps replenish a deeply discharged battery. Both the device's internal junction-temperature sensor and external NTC thermistor ensure safe charging of the system by reporting dedicated interrupts to the I2C control bus. The NCP1851 provides a USB OTG (On-the-Go) mode that boosts battery voltage to power accessories plugged into the USB port, eliminating the need for another step-up converter. Packaging and Pricing The NCP1851 is housed in a 25 bump Flip-Chip CSP case with overall dimensions of 2.2 x 2.55 mm and height of 0.6 mm maximum. The device is priced at $1.25 per unit in 3,000 quantities. On Semiconductor Product deeplink