On Semiconductor's Cloud-Connected Strata Developer Studio



ANAHEIM, USA – ON Semiconductor demonstrated new power solutions boards enabled with its Strata Developer Studio development platform at the recent APEC 2019 in Anaheim. Strata facilitates the rapid and easy evaluation of solutions for a wide range of applications, allowing users to view devices and analyze their performance in a fully representative context. Engineers are able to narrow down viable component and systems solutions options and be confident of system performance before committing to sourcing hardware and completing their designs.

Since its launch at CES in January, the Strata Developer Studio cloud-connected development environment, underpinned by its unique value proposition, has generated a high level of interest, with over 730,000 views of an insightful introductory video on the tool. Visitors to ON Semiconductor’s APEC booth were able to see new software enhancements, designed to give an improved user experience through intuitive search and selection capabilities, and a carousel-style menu that clearly indicates and allows selection of currently available compatible devices and boards, as well as previewing those coming soon.

A new blog post details the very latest features of Strata and its rapidly growing ecosystem.

For more information about ON Semiconductor, visit www.onsemi.com/.