On-street EV charging-parking stations added to Hangzhou car-share program network


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On-street EV charging/parking stations have been added to the Hangzhou Car-Share Program network

Kandi Technologies announced that, due to the high demand for
EV charging and parking facilities in
Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province in China, on-street EV
charging/parking stations have been added to the Hangzhou Car-Share
Program network to meet the needs of the Car-Share Program

The on-street EV charging/parking stations are in addition to the
vertical parking and charging facility that the Service Company has
constructed to accelerate the establishment of the Car-Share Program.

The first on-street EV charging/parking station was launched at the
beginning of June this year, and has received strong support from the
government of Hangzhou municipal and West Lake District. The launch of
the first on-street station was also well publicized by the various
national media outlets, including China Central Television (CCTV)
Channel 2, Channel 4, Channel 13 and other provincial TV stations.

In contrast to the complex construction process for the vertical
parking and charging facility, the on-street stations can be built more
quickly and easily. As of now, there have been 30 on-street stations
completed and added to the Hangzhou Car-Share Program network. Each
on-street station has the capacity to park between 10 and 30 electric
vehicles depending on the location, and includes charging facilities
and onsite customer services.

At present, ZZY has a total of 50 stations within the Hangzhou
Car-Share network including on-street stations, high-end hotel EV
charging/parking stations, and smart vertical charging/parking garages.
Additionally, through its long-term group leasing program ZZY has over
2000 EVs that benefit from use of the charging facilities. The
long-term group leasing program is designed to meet the long-term
rental needs of enterprises and community groups. Group leases require
a minimum term of three years and a minimum of 100 EVs per group. Each
group entity is responsible for its own charging facility, but ZZY
provides each group entity with a maintenance service team for any
technical support.

Mr. Hu Xiaoming, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kandi,
commented "ZZY's additional charging and parking stations for the
Car-Share Program will enhance the EV network and provide Hangzhou
residents with more convenient EV rental experience. Furthermore, the
long-term group leasing program has also been highly recognized by
various enterprises. We are confident that both of ZZY's leasing models
(the long-term group leasing and the Car-Share Program) will continue
to succeed, which will benefit Kandi's EV development."

About the Car-Share Program
ZZY is the first in the market to have proposed the public pure
electric vehicle sharing program (the "Car-Share" Program). Besides the
zero-emission benefit, the Car-Share Program combines city taxis, the
resident cars, rental cars and traditional mass transportation
advantages, along with vertical automatic charging/parking garage and
on-street EV charging/parking stations. This new business model for
urban public transportation is designed to greatly improve the
efficiency of urban car usage, as well as ease traffic congestion,
alleviate demand for scarce parking resources, and reduce the
environmental impact. Additionally, it will likely help to promote the
global development of pure electric vehicles.

Individually driven pure EVs are utilized in the Car-Share Program. Its
automated charging parking system is located at airports, train
stations, hotels, business centers, selected residential areas and
other places in the city that are typically congested due to commuter
traffic. The network system provides EV rental service to individual
drivers in and around the city. The network system also provides
centralized management of EV maintenance, and battery charging to
disperse self-service users. The EV rental station (or the
charging/parking station) is the basic unit of the network system,
providing a variety of services and transactions, such as charging,
maintenance, battery recycling and other services related to the rental
of EVs. In addition, a tracking system allows the Car-Share Program
management to know at all times the precise location and the status of
each vehicle.

This Car-Share Program model has been implemented in Hangzhou since the
second half of 2013.

Kandi Technologies