Operational Threat Sensor "Sabers" for Industrial Asset Security


Software Sabers that perform on real DIN rail-sized hardware

SynSaber announced that the company is in development to deliver the industrial community’s first palm-sized threat sensor that will provide operation technology (OT) visibility in every industrial control system (ICS) environment, from remote substations to global manufacturing. When available, the vendor-agnostic sensors, called “Sabers”, will fit anywhere in the operating environment sending data to any collection point.

Industrial operations occur at the edge, in highly distributed networks and environments, so a DIN rail mounted ICS sensor is critical to full visibility. Today’s visibility and monitoring solutions often take an enterprise approach focused on the data centers and networking choke points, forcing the operator to invest in expensive and bulky hardware reliant on vendor support in order to perform properly. Universal feedback is that even if operators have rackspace to house these cumbersome solutions, they are difficult to scale in order to attain true visibility.

SynSaber was forged to disrupt this failing approach, providing the industry with an OT visibility solution that can fit in the palm of your hand, wielded by the customer and not reliant on a specific vendor. This innovative tech empowers operators and analysts with software sensors that perform in every operational situation, providing 100% visibility in an ICS environment and 100% flexibility in supporting existing security investments. 

The Sabers are a nimble, small form factor platform, deployable in numerous ways and performant on ultra-small DIN rail-sized hardware that is trusted by the operating community. Never again will industrial and security teams be forced to settle for visibility gaps or operate in a vendor's walled garden. 

Learn more at SynSaber's site.