Orion Fans Expands EC Fan Line with IP68-ATEX Certification



DALLAS, TX - Orion Fans has extended its Electronically Commutated (EC) fan product offering to include a 254 mm IP68-ATEX rated version for water-proof and harsh environment applications. The low-power OA254EC-ATEX Series EC fan combines energy conservation with maximum protection for power-hungry applications involving explosive atmospheres or flammable gases. Constructed for Zone 2 equipment that require a spark proof fan design with a higher air flow, the OA254 Series EC Fan delivers air flows of 500 to 830 CFM.

EC fans can be used in most any AC fan application with the added benefit of power savings of up to 50%. EC fans often enable customers to meet energy-consumption requirements from agencies like ENERGY STAR.

The EC fan family is designed for both new equipment and retrofitting into existing designs. Ideal as a drop-in replacement for AC fans, the larger OA254 IP68-ATEX Series EC fans are suited for oil & gas applications including oil rig and oil refining equipment. The fans are also used in walk-in refrigeration systems, commercial display coolers, EV and charging systems, servers, food services equipment, and other applications.

Orion Fans' family of IP68-ATEX EC fans are available in a range of sizes including 60mm, 120mm, 172mm, and 254 mm. Most models are available with a universal voltage range of 94-264 VAC. Standard EC Fans modules are offered in sizes ranging from 60 mm to 254 mm.

The OA254EC-ATEX Series EC Fan starts at $145.00 in small quantities.

For more information on Orion's EC Series fans, go to www.orionfans.com.