Orion Fans simplifies product selection and procurement



Orion Fans, a leading manufacturer of standard and custom AC and DC fans, fan trays and accessories, has re-designed its website to enable quicker evaluation of its AC and DC fans, fan trays, and specialty fans product offering. Orion Fans' expanded training modules, advanced parametric search and check inventory function further simplifies the product selection and procurement process. Combining Orion Fans' quick selection process with its short lead times allows designers to identify, assess, procure and receive the right solution in less time than the competition. The parametric search includes all Orion Fans products, searchable by AC or DC rating, voltage, airflow, and case size in inches or millimeters. Training modules and product videos provide in-depth information for engineers on how to best take advantage of Orion Fans' thermally-controlled smart fan technology, high-static pressure vane axial fans, advanced power distribution units, and much more. The expanded authorized distributor page makes it easy for customers worldwide to find fans in stock and ready to ship, significantly reducing lead times for customers that require an immediate solution. "Our expanded line of energy efficient smart fans can be either casually browsed or intimately studied given the wealth of easy to find materials detailing our fans throughout our new website," said David Luna, product marketing manager for Orion Fans. "Within a click or two, the website will greet you, teach you, and eventually convince you to buy our quality products without any uncertainty." Orion Fans