ORv3-Compliant Power Shelf Delivers Industry-Leading Efficiency



­Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. launched its latest Open Compute Project (OCP) Open Rack version 3 (ORv3) compliant high-density AC-DC power shelf with industry-leading power efficiency. Fully compatible with the latest ORv3 1OU 21” open rack standard, the Advanced Energy Artesyn power shelf supports the evolution to 48 V rack power architecture which minimizes power consumption and improves the reliability of compute and storage applications in hyperscale and enterprise data centers.

Offering 15 kW N+1 redundancy with peak efficiencies of over 97%, the new power shelf can be supplied with single or dual AC power inlets. It accommodates up to six 3 kW hot-swappable single-phase AC-DC power supplies and a removeable shelf controller. Each power supply can deliver a 50.5 V, 60 A output and accepts an input of 180 to 305 Vac. A narrow output voltage range eliminates oversized design and simplifies downstream conversion to lower voltages.

The AE Artesyn power shelf is compatible with star, delta and single-phase input configurations and includes a hot-pluggable, DMTF Redfish-compatible shelf controller for simple, secure monitoring and control over Ethernet. A Modbus/PMBus™ communications interface is also provided for monitoring and control.

The rectifiers offer active power factor correction (PFC) to achieve ultra-low harmonic currents in accordance with EN/IEC 61000-3-2 and EN 60555-2. They incorporate protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage and over-temperature conditions. Internally controlled, variable speed fans reduce power consumption by accurately matching the cooling required for power supply operating conditions.

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