OSRAM High-Power Infrared LASERS Available at TTI



TTI, Inc., is now stocking OSRAM’s SPL UL90 Series LASERs. These devices are state-of-the-art components designed to meet the stringent requirements of automotive applications and characterized by long life, high performance and first-class reliability.

OSRAM is offering a new single-channel pulsed laser, the SPL UL90, that features improved beam quality and particularly compact dimensions. Thanks to its space-saving footprint of just 0.3 mm x 0.6 mm, system manufacturers can create extremely compact designs. These LASERs address the broad consensus that only a sensor combination of LiDAR, radar and camera systems can provide the necessary security for fully autonomous driving. Each of these technologies has advantages and disadvantages depending on the particular scenarios, but overall, the better they are matched, the safer the vehicle moves through traffic. The SPL UL90 is the latest addition to OSRAM's comprehensive photonics portfolio for LiDAR applications. Long-range LiDAR is used to detect objects up to approximately 250 meters away. 

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