Osram Ostar Stage LED enables brighter stage lighting



Osram Ostar Stage LED

Osram Opto Semiconductors has introduced a new LED for stage lighting. Compared with previous members of the product family, the new Osram Ostar Stage offers more than twice the lumen output with a component surface that is only 30 percent larger. The new version contains two square-millimeter high-current chips per color that can handle a maximum of 4.5 amps (A) per chip. This will enable moving heads for stage and exhibition lighting to be more powerful and more compact at the same time.

The new Osram Ostar Stage LED is equipped with four high-current chips based on the latest thin-film and UX:3 chip technologies. With an area of 2 mm² each, the chips are twice as large as the previous ones but, at 5.7 mm x 6.4 mm x 1.3 mm, the package size is only slightly larger. Thin-film chips in red and UX:3 chips in green, blue and white are used. Up to 4.5 A can be applied to each chip, which allows more light to be produced from such a small surface area. With a binning current of 1.4 A, the red chips achieve typical values of 140 lumen (lm), and the green chips 280 lm. The “deep blue” chip provides a light output of 1.8 watts (W). If the LED is operated at the maximum current of 4.5 A, the brightness per color increases by a factor of 2.6. The white chip in the new Osram Ostar Stage will have a lifetime of 20,000 hours (L50/B50) at full output thanks to a new C2, ceramic converter, which enables it to achieve a brightness of more than 1000 lm.

Quality products in different output classes
The new Osram Ostar Stage from Osram Opto Semiconductors is the latest high-output addition to the company's LED product family for stage, exhibition and architectural lighting. “We are continually developing the chips and the package for the Osram Ostar Stage family so that we can offer our customers high-quality products in different output classes,” said Andrew Lin, NAFTA Product Marketing Manager LED Industry at Osram Opto Semiconductors. “Our aim with this new LED is to raise the standard for moving heads in the high-output category.”

Compact spotlights thanks to high luminous intensity
The new Osram Ostar Stage is the latest step by Osram Opto Semiconductors on the path toward high-power LEDs for stage spotlights that emit a large amount of light from a small surface area, leading to more compact spotlight designs. This family of products is ideal not only for stage lighting but also for moving heads and spotlights for trade fairs and architectural lighting.

The new Osram Ostar Stage LED will be unveiled for the first time at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which takes place from January 6 to 9, 2015, in Las Vegas, USA.

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