Osram's Expanded VCSEL Chip Offering is at TTI



TTI, Inc., is now offering Osram’s expanded VCSEL chip portfolio. With the introduction of a 940 nm wavelength high power 10 W chip, Osram’s new VCSEL is well suited for a variety of industrial sensing applications.

The new 10 W VCSEL chip will help customers in the 3D sensing industry that want higher power and superior efficiency. The product will allow customers to use just one single chip, instead of a subassembly that incorporates multiple VCSEL chips. The one-chip design results in reduced overall size and lower costs. The 10 W VCSEL chip is an ideal fit for industrial applications such as mapping, automatic guided vehicles and mobile robots.

VCSEL combines the properties of two lighting technologies, high-power density and simple packaging of an Infrared LED (IRED) with the spectral width and speed of a laser. Unlike Fabry-Perot laser diodes, the VCSEL’s spectral shift with temperature is four times less, making it more compatible with the filters used in 3D cameras.

Because of their many advantages, including superior beam quality, excellent focusing, and a very small footprint, VCSELs are quickly finding their way into many new applications such as 3D cameras and facial recognition for mobile devices, as well as proximity sensors to detect the presence of nearby objects. The technology can also enable gesture recognition in augmented and virtual reality systems.

The 10 W chip comes in a compact size of 1.94 mm x 1.94 mm and offers low thermal impedance. It also features a pad layout for a low inductance driving design and boasts up to 40% wall-plug efficiency at 60°C, which is impressive due to the chip’s compact size and high operating temperature. In addition, the chip operates at up to 10 times the optimum power, which increases the distance measured. The 940 nm chip is available immediately, and an 850 nm version will be available later this year.

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