Output Modules Support Medical & Industrial Applications



FORT COLLINS, Colo.—Excelsys Technologies Ltd., an Advanced Energy company, announced the upcoming release of two new CoolMod DC output modules expanding the CoolMod offering. The CmH is the dual output module and the CmF is the bulk power module for the CoolX Series of convection cooled modular configurable power supplies.

The CmH CoolMod power module can deliver up to 100W power in the CX600 and up to 180W in the CX1800 from two isolated outputs. In the CX600 it delivers an adjustable output of 3.0-6.0V up to 36W, and a second adjustable output of 3.0-30V up to 90W. In the CX1800 it provides one adjustable output of 3.0-6.0V up to 60W, and the second adjustable output of 3.0-30.0V pushing up to 120W.

The CmF bulk power module, occupying three slots, provides a 48V output voltage which can deliver up to 600W of power in the CX600 and up to 900W in the CX1800. It is ideal for applications requiring one higher power output with additional lower power outputs, configured between 2.5V and 58.0 V using the existing CoolX modules, in addition to a 24W Auxiliary supply voltage. Alternatively, the CmF modules can be configured in parallel to deliver a single 1800W bulk power output.

These latest additions to the CoolX and CoolMod family increase flexibility while lowering total cost through reduced component count and simplifying configuration and system integration. The modules, in conjunction with the appropriate CoolX chassis, support both IEC60950 and IEC62386 for industrial applications and IEC60601-1 3rd edition & IEC60601-1-2 4th edition (EMC) for medical applications. Other medical features include the ability to meet the related electrical medical Body Floating (BF) rating requirements, 2 x MOPP, as well as the ability to conform to these safety certification requirements at 5000-meter altitude.

The Excelsys CoolX Series offers system integrators flexibility with analog and digital management with PMBus monitoring and control capability and is user field configurable with “plug and play” power. All outputs are isolated and may be connected in series or parallel to achieve higher output voltages or currents. Mounting options include base, side and DIN rail alternatives.

Typical applications include medical and laboratory equipment such as clinical chemistry and analyzers, medical lasers, surgical robotics, imaging and life science equipment. Other applications include test and measurement, automation equipment and printing, as well as being suitable for operation in harsh environments, such as marine applications.

For more information, please visit https://www.excelsys.com/coolx600-series/excelsys-introduces-the-new-cmf-and-cmh-coolmods-for-the-coolx-series/.