Overview of all varistors from TDK-EPC Corporation



TDK-EPC, a group company of the TDK Corporation, presents the comprehensive EPCOS Data Book for SIOV Metal Oxide Varistors (2011 edition) with many product innovations. Detailed and clearly presented technical information helps developers select the right varistors for almost any application. In addition to leaded disk varistors, it presents the wide range of ThermoFuse™ (ETFV) and FailSafe varistors (SFS) together with block and strap varistors. New additions to the new data book include varistor types Q14 and Q20, whose voltage range VRMS has been extended from 320 to 460 V. The new rugged variants of the MP (multi pulse) series with an extended voltage range were also included. The S10 types now cover the range from 175 to 680 V, and the S14 and S20 types from 130 to 680 V. The data book comprises 340 pages and may be ordered under ordering code EPC:62018-7600 at www.epcos.com/publications . TDK-EPC has also extended the cross reference database for monolithic varistors on the EPCOS website to about 2000 competitor products. It allows users to find comparable EPCOS products under www.epcos.com/crossreference via an extended range of competitor ordering codes. A total of more than 17,000 of these ordering codes have been re-coded to the corresponding EPCOS products.