Pacific Crest Offers Specially Engineered Wind Farm Turbine Step-Up Transformers



Pacific Crest Transformers, a leader in the design and construction of liquid-filled distribution transformers, announces that it offers the PCT WTSU step-up transformer, specially designed for the wind farm turbine market.

The PCT WTSU is an engineered solution that addresses the specific needs of the wind farm turbine. It reduces lost revenues due to down time and provides a lower total cost of ownership compared to standard off-the-shelf distribution transformers. Standard transformers experience frequent failures when used in wind farms, due to heat build-up from rapid and irregular thermo-cycling, frequent fault conditions, and build-up of gasses from arcing that occurs when inexpensive tap changers are used. To mitigate these issues, the Model WTSU features an innovative design that includes round coils, a cruciform, mitered core with heavy-duty clamping and a proprietary pressure plate design, as well as a premium no-load tap changer. The PCT design features circular windings which spread the radial forces evenly over their circumference and have cooling ducts throughout the coils, eliminating hot spots that lead to premature breakdown and ultimately to transformer failure. Coil end blocking with heavy duty 3 gauge steel bracing and proprietary pressure plates contains the axial forces exerted during a fault condition. These forces can cause telescoping of the coils, shortening transformer life. The WTSU has a unique cooling system, effectively shortening the path that heat generated within the core and coils must take to reach the cooling fluid. It also features a tap changer with silver-plated contacts, for long-life and reliable operation. "Down time in a wind farm is expensive, because it leads to lost revenue, as well the high costs of repairing or replacing damaged transformers," said Tom Steeber, Pacific Crest Transformer's vice president of marketing and sales. "The step-up transformer is a key component of wind farm electricity generation and our WTSU is designed to meet the unique requirements of the individual farm, its turbine type and associated electrical components."