Pacific Crest Transformers expands factory capacity



Pacific Crest Transformers announces that it has added to its factory capacity here in Medford, doubling the size of its largest transformer. PCT will now be able manufacture transformers up to 30 MVA.

“This represents another very significant step in growth of Pacific Crest Transformers,” said Jack Roberts, President and CEO. “With these larger transformers, as a part of our product portfolio, PCT will become a major player in the Power Distribution industry.”

By investing in its factory, adding new testing equipment, new coil winding machines and material handling equipment for the heavier designs, PCT will build these new designs with primary voltages up to 138 kV.

Pacific Crest Transformers has a 96-year history and has been manufacturing in Medford, OR since 1969. It has always been an engineering driven company with a reputation for rugged construction and designs to meet challenging duty. PCT has recently added to is engineering staff, bringing over 25 years of power transformer design experience.

“This is simply an extension of the superior product we have always built here,” said Juan Escobar, VP of Engineering.

Pacific Crest Transformers