Pacific Crest Transformers, a leader in the design and construction of liquid-filled distribution transformers, announces it offers energy-efficient transformers ideal for the petrochemical industry. With more than 90 years experience in the petrochemical sector, PCT provides customized padmount, station and substation transformers that save energy and lower costs. PCT's efficient transformers have grown increasingly valuable to the energy-intensive petrochemical industry as fuel costs continue to rise. The company customizes its transformers for a wide range of petrochemical applications, specifically building them for hazardous, flammable or explosive environments; on-shore and off-shore platforms in corrosive atmosphere; special taps and voltages as required; harmonic loads from PLC and VFDs; and high pollution areas. Available in ratings from 75 to 15000 kVA, PCT padmount, station and substation transformers are compact, as well as easy to install and maintain. They are designed for indoor and outdoor locations and are both tamper and corrosion proof. The transformers are also compliant to NEMA and ANSI standards. About Pacific Crest Transformers Pacific Crest Transformers is a leader in the design, construction, and retrofitting of liquid-filled distribution transformers for the utility, mining, steel, petrochemical, and renewable (wind, solar) energy markets. Offering flexible custom designs for pad mount, substation and specialty transformers, Pacific Crest meets the demands of a fast paced and ever changing marketplace. Headquartered in Medford, Oregon, Pacific Crest provides transformers to large and small customers around the United States, and serves the Canadian and Mexican markets through their network of representatives. For more information, please visit