Panasonic presents new compact TPS series capacitors


Panasonic Industry Europe introduces the new TPS series, a surface mount Conductive Polymer Tantalum Solid capacitor series.

The POSCAP TPS series capacitors feature sintered tantalum as an anode and highly conductive polymer as the cathode. Unique to the TPS series is a compact design of only 3.5x2.8.x1.1mm and a high temperature rating of 105°C for up to 2.000 hours. The new capacitors benefit from a rated voltage of 2.5V to 6,3V and a low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) of only 30mΩ. The capacitance range is rated from 150µF up to 330µF.

The very compact TPS series capacitors ensure optimal quality and reliability that renders them ideal for demanding applications like placement close to the processor (CPU) of a notebook or a very compact desktop PC, for example at the rear side of a PCB or under the heat sink. Also, IoT applications or wearables can benefit from the features of the new POSCAP TPS series by Panasonic Industry Europe.