Panasonic SMT current-sensing shunt resistors minimize power consumption and save space



Now available from TTI, a leading specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components, ERJ series SMD current sensing shunt resistors from Panasonic have low resistance to minimize power consumption and are available in a wide range of case sizes and resistance values. Manufactured using special construction technologies, ERJ SMD current sensing shunt resistors have proven reliability in harsh environments and are qualified to AEC-Q200, suiting them to the demands of many different applications in the automotive industry. The ERJ Series is available in case sizes ranging from 0402 to 2512. Resistance values start from 0,001?. Other features include large power dissipation capability and soft termination to reduce the risk of solder joint cracking. The ERJ Series includes high power wide terminal resistors giving excellent heat dissipation in a small device, enabling engineers to fit their designs into less space or reduce overall component count when compared to conventional resistors. Designated ERJA and ERJB, this range includes power ratings of 0.5W (ERJB3) in a 0508 case, 1.0W (ERJB2) in a 0612 case and 2.0W (ERJB1) in a 1020 case size. Resistance values are ? 5m?, resistance tolerance is 1%; 2%; 5% and TCR starts at plus or minus 100ppm. Recommended applications include automotive ECUs, anti-lock braking and air-bag systems. ERJM variants are designed to suit the demands of harsh environments and use metal plate technology with alloy plate resistive bodies and metal plated terminals. Inductance is less than 1.0nH. Benefits include low resistance values and high precision (1 m? to 20 m?). Resistance is not influenced by measurement position. These devices have a low profile strong body, protected with a resin coating and are RoHS compliant. TTI