Panasonic's latest POSCAP polymer capacitors have a 10 year lifespan



Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems POSCAP TC series polymer capacitors withstand high temperatures range, have a low ESR and a high resistance to stress suiting them to industrial and other applications that require a life of 10 years. The wide operating temperature range of -55 to +125degC ensures that devices last for 10 years at 85degC and a ripple current rating of 6.1Arms enables them to survive in high stress environments.

POSCAP TC series devices also feature a low ESR down to 5mΩ, a capacitance range of 100-1000µF and are rated for voltages from 2 to 10V. This combination of characteristics suits them to a diverse range of applications including industrial PCs, servers and basestations, PSUs and voltage regulators, LED backlighting, FPGA designs, measurement and sensing, wearables and IoT.

According to Christian Gellman, European Product Manager for Polymer Capacitors at Panasonic, “POSCAP TC series polymer capacitors have many other benefits. Compared to other capacitor technologies they are more stable over temperature and frequency. They are non-flammable and have an inherent self-healing mechanism, so reliability is increased. And because no derating is required, BOM count can be minimised.”

POSCAP TC series polymer capacitors
Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems Europe