Panasonic’s low ESR, high temp polymer caps suit long-life industrial apps



HX series SP Caps

Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems has introduced new low ESR, high temperature speciality conductive polymer aluminium capacitors that feature low ESR and wide temperature range, ensuring that the devices are suitable for demanding applications. Part of the SP Caps range, new HX series devices have an ESR down to 4.5mΩ and an operating temperature range of -55 to +125ºC means that devices have a life of 10 years at 85°C. More, these devices have a ripple current rating of 8.5Arms, ensuring that they will withstand high stress levels.

With a capacitance range of 15 to 560µF and suitable for voltages from 2V all the way up to 25V, HX series SP Caps exhibit no capacitance drift over temperature, and have no DC bias. As no derating is required, the use of HX series devices will result in a reduction in BOM count in some designs. When compared to tantalum devices the SP Caps exhibit a more stable performance over temperature and frequency, are more reliable thanks to a self-healing mechanism, and are non-flammable.

According to Motoshi Imai, European Product Manager for Polymer Capacitors at Panasonic: “These devices are ideal for a broad spectrum of applications including input/output filtering in power converters and voltage regulators, power and battery decoupling and clock circuitry. Their high temperature rating suits them for use in servers, basestations and industrial PCs, yet they are small enough for wearable, wireless and IoT designs.”

HX series SP Caps

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