Panasonic's New Low ESR FR Series Aluminium Electrolytics Now Available From TTI, Inc.



TTI, Inc., the global distributor of passive, interconnect, relay & switch and discrete components, is now stocking Panasonic's new FR series ultra-low ESR, long life aluminium electrolytic capacitors. By improving material technology, Panasonic has been able to increase lifetime by up to 100% - to 10,000 hours at 105degC - over previous generation products and also improve capacitance by up to 30% The radial mount FR series devices have a voltage range of 6.3 - 50V and a capacitance range of 22 - 8200μF. Ripple current performance is up to 3820mA and ESR is down to just 12m? (20degC/100kHz). The capacitors range in size from Ø5x11mm to Ø16x25mm New FR series aluminium electrolytic capacitors suit applications including switching mode power supplies, switching mode adapters, line noise removal, LCD backlighting, LED systems and other products with long lifetime requirements.