Panasonic’s short-and long-stroke silver-contact microswitches now available from TTI



Panasonic’s short- and long-stroke silver-contact microswitches

TTI, a leading specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components, now stocks Panasonic’s robust EVQPL series short stroke micro switches and EVPAS series long stroke micro switches featuring many different push force varieties.

Rubber dome type EVPAS series switches have a size of 6mm x 6mm (square) x 5mm with only 2 terminals. The rubber dome feature enables a dust proof structure with a silent superior snap and extra soft feeling. Available with a stroke of 1.0mm or 1.3mm and equipped with an actuator (push plate), the switch guarantees high operability for a wide range of applications, such as operating switches for electronic car equipment, operating switches for mobile devices, and electronic music instruments.

Further technical details include a travel of 1.0mm or 1.3mm, excellent solder ability with 2 terminals, excellent light-touch operation feeling, an operating temperature range of -40˚C up to +85˚C, and 30k – 100k life cycles with a variety of push forces 1.6N, 2.0N, 2.5N, 3.0N and 3.5N. Reflow soldering is also available.

Metal dome type EVQPL series switches benefit from a very small size of only 4.9mm x 4.9mm x 1.5mm in SMD and a 0.25mm stroke including high contact ability. A dustproof structure (with film between push plate and metal dome) with an excellent tactile and acoustic feedback makes them suitable for very dust-sensitive environments.

Further technical details include a height of 0.8mm (without push plate) and 1.5mm (with push plate), a travel of 0.25mm, excellent solderability with J-Bent terminals, and an excellent haptic feeling high click ratio (e.g. 3.5N >50%). Designed for an operating temperature range from -40˚C up to +85˚C, the devices have a long life cycle of 100k-500k operations with a push force 1.0N, 1.6N, 2.6N and 3.5N. Ground terminals are available. Main target applications are washing machines, shavers, electric toothbrushes, keyless entry systems, healthcare/medical equipment, and audio/video devices.