Panel-mount LEDs intended for power indication



Wilbrecht LEDCO introduces bipolar LEDs in its range of panel mount LED's, in varied housing styles for front- or rear-panel mounting in response to international demand. The pre-wired assembly of a red, green or yellow bipolar LED and a resistor will work directly off a 120 VAC or 240 VAC line as a LED power indicator or as a drop-in replacement for neon indicators. 120 VACFront mount housing options include the 100/600 series domed cylindrical and flush plastic lenses, or the rugged CR/BR/CC series screw on metal housings for 0.312" (7.92 mm ) holes. Rear mount housings include the press fit L61 series for 0.250" ( 6.35mm ) holes or the rugged screw-on CRM/BRM metal housing for 0.315" ( 8.00 mm ) holes. Most are available with IP66 sealing and can be supplied with wire leads or LED pin terminations. All the indicators can be customized with a variety of resistors to meet specific AC voltage requirements, including 120 VAC. Popular custom options include custom lead lengths and custom symbol printing on flat lenses as well as various connector options. Wilbrecht LEDCO