Passive circuit-protection devices now AEC-Q101 qualified for automotive apps



TE Connectivity's Circuit Protection business unit has announced that eight products in its SESD (Silicon ESD) series of passive circuit protection devices have now been AEC-Q101 qualified for use in automotive applications and specifically for in-vehicle "infotainment" systems. The SESD product family was originally released in February 2012, with AEC-Q101 testing completed in October 2012. Like the consumer electronics sector in general, automotive infotainment systems can utilize ultra-high-speed data interfaces, including USB 2.0 and 3.0, HDMI 1.3 and 1.4, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, V-by-One HS, and LVDS protocols. These high-speed data lines can be subject to ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) events, but TE Circuit Protection's SESD product family comprises a set of low-capacitance diodes capable of helping to protect these data lines. An additional advantage is that the small XDFN (Extremely Thin Dual Flat No Leads) package size of these SESD products saves PCB space, meeting the consumer sector's demand for highly compact devices. The SESD series of devices is rated for a low capacitance of 0.20pF (typical) for uni-directional devices, and 0.10pF (typical) for bi-directional devices, allowing signal integrity for today's highest-speed interfaces. The flow-through standard array package and small XDFN package size simplifies PCB design, and provides solutions for electronic design within severe space constraints. Successful AEC-Q101 qualification of the SESD product line, in October, means the devices now offer fully competitive ESD protection for in-vehicle infotainment consoles, within the high-growth automotive electronics market. "Electrostatic discharge can wreak havoc on today's highly complex consumer electronics," noted Nicole Palma, product manager, TE Circuit Protection. "Our SESD family offers secure circuit protection over ultra-high-speed data interconnects, and AEC-Q101 qualification means that protection is now extended to the burgeoning automotive sector, where an in-car infotainment system is considered a must-have, high value-add item. These SESD products help to ensure the consumer's investment is protected." The SESD series of ESD circuit protection devices is EU RoHS/ELV compliant. TE Connectivity