Pasternack releases line of 0.195” low-loss test cables



Pasternack Enterprises, an industry-leading manufacturer of RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave products introduced a line of flexible 18 GHz low loss test cables. These new assemblies are terminated with durable stainless steel connectors and are well suited for test environments where a rugged, phase stable cable assembly is required.

Pasternack Enterprises’ new low loss test cables utilize a 0.195 inch diameter coax with an expanded dielectric which results in 83% Velocity of Propagation (VoP) performance up to 18 GHz. These coaxial cable assemblies from Pasternack are made with PE-P142LL coax, which operates at higher power with improved phase stability. The double shielded flexible coax provides excellent shielding effectiveness greater than 95 dB and VSWR of less than 1.35:1. A heavy duty boot and FEP jacket improve strain relief and allow for a minimum bend radius of 1 inch which adds to the durability of these cable assemblies.

Pasternack’s new line of PE-P142LL test cables can be ordered with male-straight and right angle versions of Type N, SMA, and TNC connectors as well as female bulkhead versions for each connector series. The new LL test cables from Pasternack can be ordered in custom lengths and are also available in standard lengths from 12 to 60 inches. Metric lengths can be ordered in 50, 100, 150 and 200 centimeter (cm) lengths. Each assembly is 100% continuity, Hi-Pot and RF tested prior to shipment.

“The smaller 0.195” diameter of these test cables have a tighter bend radius while offering low loss and higher power when compared to solid dielectric cables,” explains Steve Ellis, Interconnect Product Manager at Pasternack. “These cables offer our customers a high performance solution when choosing a low loss cable assembly.”