Pasternack's latest broadband, high-power coaxial limiters protect sensitive low power RF systems



Pasternack broadband high-power coaxial limiters

Pasternack, a leading manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, debuts their new broadband, high power coaxial limiters which help protect sensitive low power RF receivers and other microwave circuits in close proximity to high power signals. Common applications for these RF limiters include electronic warfare, instrumentation, fiber optic communication systems, military communications, radar, SATCOM, point-to-point radio, telecom, data links and R&D.

Pasternack’s latest release of high power limiters consists of 7 unique designs that provide low leakage power to sensitive control components in the receiver chain while offering good suppression of even-order harmonics under hard limiting. These RF limiters operate over a very broad frequency range in bands from 0.5 GHz to 40 GHz and also provide low leakage power circuit protection of 10 to 15 dBm. This new selection of coaxial limiters exhibits high CW power handling up to 100 Watts peak power and fast recovery time of 10 to 100 nanoseconds.

The new high power, broadband limiters from Pasternack help stabilize generator outputs, provide constant amplitude signals in phase sensitive systems and reduce amplitude variation in frequency modulation (FM) systems. The 50 Ohm hybrid designs incorporate complete limiting diode circuitry and do not require any external matching components. These microwave limiters offer a guaranteed operating temperature range of -54° C to +85° C and are constructed with high-rel, ruggedized packages that are designed to meet MIL-STD-202 environmental conditions for humidity, shock, vibration, altitude and temperature cycle.

“This selection of broadband, high power coaxial limiters offers designers an extensive portfolio of highly reliable models for use in protecting sensitive RF receiver components, in addition to suppressing even-order harmonics under hard limiting conditions,” says Tim Galla, Active RF Components Product Manager at Pasternack.

Pasternack’s high-rel RF limiters